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    The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations In Enniskillen

    Well I have to say it's been a very exciting month in Fermanagh with the Olympic Torch coming to the town and now Queen Elizabeth II is gracing us with her presence. I had a lovely day meeting and chatting to all the other reporters, cameramen & photographers and good to catch up with old friends.

    Thanks Terry for this picture- Life on the other side of the camera eh!! :)

    See Below for the highlights of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations In Enniskillen.



    Westlife go out with a bang at their final farewell

    Growing up we all have our one true musical love. For me that came in the form of 5 (soon to become 4) boys form Ireland. Yes, Westlife were the first boyband that I truly had a full blown crush on. So you can imagine my delight when sitting at my desk on a ordinary Friday and my boss to casually come in and say do you want to interview Westlife?.... Do I What!!!!! Trying not to sound too excited I grabbed my camera and headed to meet the lovely lads. This was not the first time however that I had interviewed Westlife. Back when I was 13 I got the chance to interview the boys. I can still remember the butterflies I had when I seen Shanes smile and nearly 14 years on they where still there lol...

     I know all good things have to come to an end but fingers crossed the boys will be back.....



    'Building Prosperity in the age of Austerity'

    June was a very busy month, as I had to produce a corporate video for the Clinton Summer School for aspiring leaders of the future.

    The Clinton Centre convened a conference of future leaders and entrepreneurs to debate and refine their own ideas, ambitions and plans for building prosperity in post-conflict societies.

    University students from Kosovo, Northern Ireland, and the United States, who had demonstrated leadership and entrepreneurial promise participated in an interactive forum with a panel of experienced business executives, accomplished entrepreneurs, academics, and community activists.

    It was a joy to meet all the students and find out where they have come from and what the want to achieve in their future endeavors.

    I followed the students for 10 days capturing their journey along the way. The conferences and seminars where insightful and inspiring and not only did the students get something out of the week so I did. I have a great passion for politics and business so it was extremely interesting learning about the different conflicts and various business models that I could apply to my own projects.

    Sometimes in our jobs we can work on projects that can really make a mark on your life and I can whole heartily say that this was one of them. I learnt so much from all the contributors and the students have all become my friends.

    See the video below to see how the students got on;



    Enniskillen's Olympic Torch


    On Day 18 of the Olympic torch relay the torch bearers where greeted by huge crowds in Fermanagh.

    Thousands turned out to greet the torch relay in Irvinestown and Enniskillen and I was there to capture all the action. It was a tough day running through the streets of Eniskillenn but it was all worth it. All the torch bearers where brilliant and really represented the county well. Their was a real sense of excitement in the air which even the rain could'nt dampen. And to top off the day I got to hold the torch.

    There are certain days when your working that you really do believe you'll remember for the rest of your life and this folks will be one.

    Roll on July for the actual event!



    Thanks to Andrew Little for taking this pic of John Mc Vitty and I sure it wouldn't be Fermanagh if it wasn't raining lol...


    Paddy Kielty & Dave TV

    I have always loved Paddy Kietly ever since I first saw him spin that big rickelty wheel back in primary school so I was delighted that I got to meet him while working for  Dave TV. We where filminga a comedy show that will air in October 2012- watch out I even got a little cameo role as an extra- you'll be shocked lol....

    I also met Jimeion - he is one of the funiest guys I've ever met it's just his facial expressions they are classic.

    The shoot lasted two days and it was a great experience working with the DAVE TV team.


    PS. I am happy to tell you Paddy is every bit as nice as he seems - real lovely guy to work with :)