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    Video Up for Best Online Viral Campaign Award

    I am delighted to see the Belmore Court up  the inaugural Digital Advertising Northern Ireland (DANI) awards in the Hilton Hotel, Belfast.

    They where nominated in 3 different categories; Best Viral, Best Mobile App & Best Online Strategy.

    The Viral advert for the Best Viral featured Lewis Terry's Son who I made a video with last year. Lewis who is 8 was a natural and did a great job. I is brilliant news to see our video was shortlisted to the final three videos. Lewis had stiff competetion against the Belfast Giants singing "All I want for Christmas" and Derry's Ledgendary Campaign. The Giants won and it was hard to complain because Mariah Carey tweeted about it and Sky Sports even featured it. We did achieve a highly commended status.Well done Terry, Mary & Lewis keep up the good work.

    And they keep on coming...

    CONGRATULATIONS to the Killyhelvin Hotel on receiving the OVERALL WINNER of the 'Chartered Institute of Marketing Excellence Tourism and Hospitality Award 2011.'

    Marketing Officer Jonathan Gallagher got in touch to say the videos I produced for their new website helped give them that extra edge they needed to secure the title.

    Well done to all the team at the Killyhelvin, it's such a lovely place to visit.

    "I am delighted with these two achievements it's nice when you know your work is being appriecated it doenst matter if it's one person or two people that are watching! xx"



    Ash Gig in Ulster Hall

    Alzheimer's Society Music Benefit in the Ulster Hall

    It was amazing to see such a great turn out for the Alzheimer's Benefit gig in the Ulster Hall. I got to Meet Tim Wheeler and Neil Hannon - such nice people.

    Sometimes this job does has it's perks lol...

    Got some great footage that night - keep up the good work boys- hopefully you raised a lot of money for a worthwhile cause.


    " It was weird ASH where always a band that my older cousins etc listened but folks you won't believe how many songs I knew - Tip for today dig out your old CD collection there are some massive tunes that need re- introducted into your life lol..."




    Ghostly Tales....

    Seeing it is Halloween I thought this week I would do a spooky story for Fermanagh TV. Calling on my trusty storytellers Frankie Roofe and Catherine Scott, together we complied a video of a collection of ghostly tales from Fermangh's rich folklore.

    I love ghost stories it reminds me of when I was a child. Together with my big brother and all my cousins our parents would bring us to Omeath to the family hoilday home. At one stage the house was an old jail so as you can imagine it was the root of many ghostly tales. My Dad and uncles would have us scared to death - I think that sometimes we forget to just sit down with our friends and families, turn of the TV and just tell stories the way Frankie and Catherine have in this FTV clip. Remember our imagination is our greatest attribute.


    We had a great day with Frankie and Catherine at the Castle. Check out our pictures on facebook and the gallery.


    This year for Halloween my Boyfriend dressed up as Rory Mc Iiroy and I as Lady GAGA "They met at the EMA'S'. We returned to my cousins house in Omeath where we went as children to make some new memories. I have to say you can't beat being with family at special occasions.

    Thanks Joe, Aine and Derbhile for a great night xxx






    I had a ball filming for BFW. It was great working with Cathy Martin, Jay kay, Paddy Mc Gurgan  and the rest of the gang. Can't wait until Spring Summer 2012!

    This was the first fashion week contract I have completed. It was hard work but really worth it. I can't wait until Spring Summer 2012 to see how I can improve on what I learnt last year- hopefully I can create somemore interesting videos in for March!

    Below is one of the three BFW videos I filmed and produced for CMPR. To see all three check out their Official fan page.


    Enjoy xx


    Aislinn's Adventures:A fashionable life behind the lens, always wearing heels!

    "My first proper fashion shoot and oh was it weird. It was so strange someone asking me questions for a change (now I know how my interviewees must feel - I apologise now for putting you on the spot)

    Although, it was alien to not be in the reporters’ shoes, I actually quite enjoyed it. It was so much fun being in front of the lens -John McVitty  ‘The Impartial’s Super talented photographer put me at ease as soon as I stepped out in my first outfit ensemble and after a few embrassing poses we got going.

    As for Julie, well she is a writing goddess -how she managed to make sense of my gobbly gook I will never know.

    It was such a fun day and hopefully I ‘ll be asked to do it again sometime soon.

    Carrie Bradshaw you would have loved it,

     Ash xx"

    A fashionable life behind the lens, always wearing heels!


    Aislinn Hagan.

    SHE'S the face of Fermanagh TV and a fashionista in her own right.

    Although living in Lurgan and originally from Belfast, Aislinn Hagan has become an honorary citizen of Fermanagh over the last two years after taking up the role of video journalist and presenter for the County based video website.

    "I feel like I know more about Fermanagh than I do Lurgan," she tells The Impartial Reporter after agreeing to be placed in the spotlight for this week's Lifestyle feature.

    Winner of the CIPR Digital Innovation of The Year 2010 Award last year, Aislinn has worked for the Irish News, filming and editing content such as news, entertainment and politics for their daily internet news.

    At the moment, not only is she working with Fermanagh TV but also finds time to work on various projects with production company Below the Radar and news website The Detail as well as sitting on the management committee for Feile an Phobail.

    Her work has provided the opportunity to interview some of the big names in Northern Ireland today including Martin McGuinness and Peter Robinson, as well as rub shoulders with stars such as Shane Ward, Sean Bean and Girls Aloud.

    Her job, both behind and in front of the camera, means every aspect of her look has to be carefully calculated to get it just right.

    Comfortable but stylish isn't the easiest look to achieve, but with plenty of practice, Aislinn seems to have it down to a tee.

    "I'm a camera woman, so when I'm working I really need to wear trousers. Work clothes are hard to do. You have to wear something that allows you to run about but you still have to look dressy at the same time."

    But a self-confessed girlie girl at heart, she always makes the effort to wear a good pair of heals.

    "I could run a marathon in my heels," she jokes, "Everyone is always laughing at me running around in these shoes lugging a heavy camera about. I did make one special purchase when I came down here though. Everyone told me when you come to Fermanagh you have to get a pair of wellies. So I got a pair of leopard print ones!"

    Although she usually sticks to trousers and dressy tops for work attire, Aislinn says she has a dangerous weakness for dresses!

    "My whole wardrobe is filled with dresses. I find they are far more comfortable than a pair of jeans.

    "I'm a bit of a bargain hunter too -- I love Primark and Exhibit. I still have clothes that I have had since I was 15! They always come back in fashion again. And I have a handbag that my granny bought in America years ago. So my advice is raid your grannies' wardrobes!"

    With aspirations of becoming the next Christine Bleakley, Aislinn uses her spare time to progress her career ambitions.

    "My career is my hobby," she says, "I'm always out doing something. I love my work with Fermanagh TV though -- one day you could be on a sea plane, the next day you could be up a mountain or in a field with pigs!

    "You get to do a wee bit of everything I suppose and the people in Fermanagh are so friendly and approachable."

    This article appeared in Impartial Reporter 12 May 11

    Aislinn Hagan models one of the many dresses in her wardrobe.