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    This new wave style of reporting meant that Aislinn was not only the reporter; she was the camera operator and editor. Throughout the three year Irish news contract the young journalist witnessed events leading up to the formation of a devolved government in Northern Ireland; the dismantling of arms, the first formal talks between Ian Paisley and the catholic clergy, the Michael Stone attack on Stormont, The Ombudsman’s report on Collusion to Sinn Fein’s voting to support policing.


    Aislinn also filmed the many political figures such Prime Minister’s Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, President George Bush, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and latterly Brain Cowen at the many talks held at Stromont buildings and Hillsborough’s Castle.


    As well as interviewing many other major political representatives in Northern Ireland such as First Ministers Ian Paisley and most recently Peter Robinson, Deputy first minister Martin Maginess, she has interviewed many of the leading figures within the four main political paties such as Gerry Adams MP and Jeffery Donaldson MP.


    With the Irishnews being a daily paper Aislinn had to be versatile in her reporting style’s.  Each day she found herself faced with a different situation from reporting on a feud in Ballymurphy, a murder scene or a relatives for justice rally to interviewing Lilly the Lion at Belfast Zoo, reporting on the GAA All star awards or covering the launch of Jordan’s new perfume and Shane Wards latest single.